Candax has five concessions in Tunisia and operates under the name of Ecumed Petroleum Limited which comprises a team of local oil industry professionals who manage the day to day operations of Candax's Tunisian assets.


The Robbana field is located in southern Tunisia on the island of D'Jerba, and began production in September 1993.

El Bibane

The El Bibane field is located approximately 18 kilometres offshore Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes.


The Ezzaouia field is located onshore southern Tunisia, approximately 12 kilometres north of the town of Zarzis.


The Belli Concession is located in the Cap Bon Peninsula of northern Tunisia approximately 60 km from Tunis.

Al Manzah

The field began production in 1999 and at the end of 2004 had cumulative oil production of 1.7 MMbbls.

Deep Triassic Prospect

Exploration upside through two large structures below the Ezzaouia and El Bibane fields.